Online/Hybrid Training

Online personal training has gained popularity in recent years due to its convenience and accessibility. At Hunt for Strength, we offer three types of Online Training. Online Program Design allows you to follow our programming in the comfort of your own workout space. Hybrid Coaching combines online training with in-person training services. DIY programs are 6-week strength programs that you can utilize at your own pace. All options give you access to our training software.

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Online Program Design

Our training software allows you to follow our in-gym programming in the comfort of your own gym or workout facility. You will get access to the same programming we do with our members. We recommend you have a complete gym set-up to take part in our online program design program.

Hybrid Coaching

We offer a hybrid coaching option, which combines the best of our in-person coaching with remote programming through our app. In this option, you will do an introductory private one-on-one coaching with on of our coaches. From there, you'll be set up with our app and programming to do on your own. Your membership will then allow you to book 1 in-gym personal training sessions every month so we can check in, review your current progress, and update your programming ongoing. This is a great option for those looking for regular check ins and accountability from an expert coach but who also have a home gym or other gym membership that allows them to work out on their own schedule.

DIY Programming

In this program, we offer pre-built 6-week programs as a one-time purchase. Our program emphasizes building stability, endurance, and strength during the course of the programs. We have used this same programming to produce results for many of our members. The app we use comes with exercise videos so you know how to do the movements safely and more efficient.

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